Jan 8, 2024. By: John Nevills

Kent Ag Research offers testing services to clients in corn, soybeans and winter wheat testing. To help us organize and conduct quality trials we are setting the following deadlines and instructions to help us reach our goals - timely field measuring and planting, developing quality research trials and increase our efficiencies.

Key Dates to Remember… Corn and Soybean Testing

Email 1st draft of testing plans on or before – March 1st, 2024. To include numbers per location(s) and any special testing instructions. Email to: john.kentag@gmail.com

Last day to make final changes, additions or dropouts – April 1st, 2024. MUST HAVE ACCURATE NUMBERS ON THIS DATE! Dropouts announced on or prior to this day will not be charged testing fees. Any change after this date is subject to full testing fees-additions and dropouts. Kent Ag will begin mapping and calculating land requirements on April 2nd, 2024. Any additions after April 1st, 2024 may not be guaranteed space to be tested. Please indicate with your final plan… trial names, rep numbers, entry numbers, traits, sampling requirements and oil/protein capture for soybeans and silage for corn. As we use this information for mapping.

Trial seed (bulk- if Kent Ag is packaging) delivered to Kent Ag by April 8th,2024. Both corn and soybeans.

Trial seed (packaged by client) delivered to Kent Ag by:

April 15th, 2024 - CORN

April 29th, 2024 – SOYBEANS

Shipping address:

Kent Ag Research Inc.

11812 Wabash Line

Thamesville, ON N0P 2K0

Attn: John Nevills

Seed Envelope Size and Information on Seed Envelopes:

Seed envelopes must comfortably be able to hold all seed required. With the top level of the seed below the perforation or tear line. Envelopes must not be too large, to fit into our seed boxes. No larger than 3.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall. Top hole for stringing and perforation preferred. Please DO NOT hole punch through the plot number! Please DO NOT tape over perforation. Envelopes must be easy to rip on the planter!

4 row corn plots and 6 row soybean plots – paired envelopes to be stapled together by client.

Seed counts and packaging instructions are listed on the bottom of the “Kent Ag 2024 locations list” file. Please ensure that envelopes are filled with accurate seed counts. Low counts can jeopardize neighbouring plot quality.

Necessary Information Needed on Seed Envelopes:

Location name or code, Trial name, Plot number (planting/randomization order eg: 1001, 1002, 1003…)

Please do not map the trials, it only causes unnecessary confusion and potential for error. If there is a certain mapping arrangement you need, please let us know and we will accommodate.

Seed Treatments

Please indicate either on the packing list or on the seed boxes what seed treatment is used. Seed treatment is highly recommended for best trial results.

Shipping of counted, packaged seed.

Always ensure envelope open end is always facing up, ensure top envelope flaps are securely stapled to prevent seed loss!

Please do your best to ship complete trials. Instead of sending entries bits at a time.

Please ship or deliver seed in Location, trial, PLOT order.

In Season Plot Housekeeping

We are always respecting our environment, and our cooperator’s properties. If you need to label/tag your plots in the field, please consider biodegradable labels/tags. If you use non biodegradable labels/tags you will need to pull them out of the field before harvest to prevent pollution in our cooperator’s fields. This goes for wire flags, fibreglass poles/flags, row makers, and row tags nylon/tyvek. Thank-you for understanding.

Environment and Climate/Weather

Just a reminder…. as everyone is aware that weather can be beneficial, but it can also be detrimental. It is not controllable. Kent Ag’s company policy… Kent Ag is providing a service to you our client to provide the best trial results possible, accurate and non-biased, our goal is to gain and maintain your trust that we always do the best job possible with the weather we are presented with every year. It starts with proper land selection, proper planting procedures, solid weed control, accurate data recording and harvesting, in which Kent Ag will provide and will be responsible for. However uncontrollable factors like severe weather events (heavy rains, wind, hail, drought, tornado) or animal damage will not be risk Kent Ag will take. Thank-you, looking forward working with your group again this year!

John Nevills- President Kent Ag Research Inc.