Yield Trial Testing

Regulated and non-regulated yield trial testing in Corn, Soybeans, Winter Wheat, and Spring Oats.

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Breeder/Select Plot Increases

Line purity increases in Soybeans and Winter Wheat (1 to 2.5 acre)

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About Us...

Kent Ag Research Inc. was formed in 2010 with partners Ross Simpson and John Nevills, previously known as Rossoya Testing Inc.  When the partnership was formed both corn and soybean testing were offered in our services.

Today we offer a wide variety of research services including breeding crosses, line selections, line purity, seed increases, characteristic observation and agronomic note recording, variety screening and performance testing in a wide variety of crops like corn, soybeans, winter wheat and spring cereals.

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John Nevills: john.kentag@gmail.com


11812 Wabash Line, Thamesville, ON